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Weed Gives Pigs The Munchies

Weed Gives Pigs The Munchies

Posted by: WeedPad, 21-07-2013
Just read an interesting story from times.com talking about how some Washing state scientists fed about 30lbs of weed to 4 pigs during the last months of their lives only to find the pigs got the munchies and ate more.

Apparently the pigs meat tasted much better!

A Reuters report on the 20/5/2013 titled "Marijuana waste helps turn pot-eating pigs into tasty pork roast" states that Washington state is about to embark on a "first-of-its-kind" legal market for recreational marijuana usage. Having infused the pigs feed with the "excess stems, roots and leaves of marijuana plants". The 4 pigs were fatter and tasted more "savory" than normal.

Apparently, the butcher held a special event and served the pigs up as part of a 5 course meal which proved very popular and he sold out of meat.

Although marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug. The states of Washington and Colorado are the first to actually legalize weed for recreational use. And now about 20 more states are following suit in the case for using weed medicinally.

So what can we expect from these facts? Weedburgers! :D

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