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Science For Stoners - How Weed Works

Science For Stoners - How Weed Works

Posted by: WeedPad, 19-08-2013
Just read an interesting story on cannabisculture.com about how last week a CNN reporter made headline news for his support for the medical usages of marijuana. Which is something he was previously against in the past.

So what changed his mind? Science..

Here is what he and those studying the chemistry of marijuana now understand about it.

Marijuana makes chemical contact with human bodies through cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds in marijuana (cannabis). The human body also creates cannabinoids. The body creates cannabinoids on-demand, such as when they are produced to serve as neuro-protectants when the brains nerve cells begin to fire too much, as in the case of stress, seizures or an impact to the brain. Our bodies also have cannabinoid receptors. Together, the cannabinoids and their receptors make up the human cannabinoid system.

Just as there was a time when we didn't know we had immune systems or hormonal systems, until 1988 we didn't know that we had cannabinoid systems.

The human body produces and utilizes its own cannabinoids, but the body can also utilize cannabinoids from external sources. One source of exogenous cannabinoids is marijuana, or to use marijuana's botanical name, cannabis. Because these cannabinoids are plant-based, they would be considered phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids from marijuana fit nicely into human cannabinoid receptors. Thus, the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant can be utilized by the human cannabinoid system.

There are 65 cannabinoids in cannabis. But only one of them, THC is the one that produces the euphoric feeling. Thats why people use vaporizers to extract most of the others and leave only the pure THC.

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