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About Vaporizers and Vaping

About Vaporizers and Vaping

Posted by: WeedPad, 13-02-2016
If you haven't heard of vaping, its essentially a process where an electronic cigarette vaporizes a liquid, typically infused with CBD or nicotine. It's a new way to enjoy smoking without the heat and lung burn you get with normal rolled tobacco or marijuana. 

Vaporizer Technology

Some vaporizers are much different than others especially when they're personal to the user. A "Personal vaporizer" or "modded vape" changes the layout of the device to accommodate the owner. You can change not only the color and design of your vaporizer but also the tank, atomizer or wick.A customized vaporizer simply allows the user to preset their level of mAhs battery life detector as well the overall nicotine level (vape bars carries liquids ranging from 0mg to 24mg) as well the throat hit.

Get Your Vape Juices Flowing

There's a large selection of liquids in terms of flavors also know as e-liquid, juice, e-juice and nic-juice. If you're a true smoker and want all the flavor of tobacco, there's a flavor for that. If you want to punch up the flavor of your vape you can try cotton candy, banana, peach, chocolate and even bacon e-liquid! The worst flavors are called ass juice - try to steer clear, these e-liquids are given that name for a reason. One of the better West Coast vape stores carries a large assortment of products one would expect in a vape store. Whether you're looking to quit traditional smoking or just speak with a vapologist, a vaporizer may be the answer to putting down the tobacco for good. Even ex-smokers are jumping on board the vape-train to alleviate any off the wagon feelings for a cigarette.How do you know when a vape store in your area outshines the competition? When it opened a store in Huntington Beach and carries the top name brands in vaporizers, liquids and accessories, at discount prices.

Concerns About Vaping?

One of the main concerns about vaping is the use of Acetone, Acetyl Propionyl (AP) or Diacetyl (DA) which are chemicals used in food flavoring. Ask your vapologist about the e-liquid you're purchasing. While the FDA has not banned the use of diacetyl in e-liquids some trade organizations have set limits on the levels allowed in liquids. Make sure your liquid contains all natural USP food grade ingredients.If you're just getting in to vaping, do some research, talk to a vapologist at http://www.westcoastvapesupply.com/ and get the facts.

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